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Aceite de Oliva Gourmet

The Eira Foods Creative Culinary Experience

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Tradition, Vision and Legacy

Eira Foods is not a brand, it is not a product. Eira Foods is a belief, it is a lifestyle, it is convictions, agreements, commitments and above all, Eira Foods is illusion.
Eira Foods represents the illusion of keeping three generations alive in a correct coexistence between legacy, traditions and love for the land with a constant concern for innovation and creativity in order to offer new flavors, our textures and new ingredients that provide new points view and new gastronomic resources in the kitchen.
In Eira Foods is the soul of farmers, producers, cooks, cutters, researchers ... But above all in Eira Foods lies the soul of lovers of cuisine and new challenges. For us to imagine is to cook.
That is why Eira Foods, in addition to offering you an extensive catalog of unique and innovative gastronomic products, we can offer you the opportunity to develop any idea and turn it into a select product that can market and enrich your commercial offer and your brand.

Our high mountain olive groves located in the southern Sierra de Jaén
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Todos los videos

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Our innovation in products with olive oil.  


We are pioneers in the transformation of raw materials such as olive oil, since 2014 we have been working  giving it greater versatility and a different way of consuming our liquid gold.

We have been recognized as an innovative SME and obtained the first prize for versatility at the IFEMA 2019 Gourmet Show, for our "EVOO Powder". 

We make other products with wine, gin, cider and honey, among others, for other brands and producers, giving a wide variety of products with their raw material. 

If you are looking to differentiate yourself or want to create a different brand with healthy and differentiated products, contact us. 

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