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Our vision

Our commitment

Our first brand, which refers to our surname "Olivar De Castro", made us grow in the world of olive oil, our commitment to offer different alternatives to consume a product as healthy as oil, made us become passionate every time more in haute cuisine, developing emulsions, flavors, creams, jams, and our star product "olive oil powder" which was recognized as the most versatile product at the Gourmets 2019 Hall, taking first prize.

In this short time we have been differentiating ourselves and accrediting ourselves as an innovative company, developing projects for companies that trust us.

Being our commitment to offer R + D + I to other brands.

It is from then on where Eira Foods was born.

Offering development of different products where olive oil does not always enter.

Ensuring that each of our products comply with health regulations. Endorsing our developments with CNTA (Center for Technology and Food Safety). Organization to which we belong since 2019.

Members of the Olive Oil Interpretation Center in Ubeda- Jaén.

Company recognized as INNOVATIVE SME by the Ministry of Industry and Innovation.

Nuestro legado Olivar de Castro


Because we come from a long family tradition that has taught us art and love for the land and the products it offers.


Because we are capable of creating a wide variety of Gourmet products through quality raw material.


Because our products are designed, tested and made by our chefs manually, some of which are even created without the intervention of mechanized processes.

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