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Poesía en aceite de Oliva Virgen extra.

Oliverso is much more than a brand, Oliverso is a project born from friendship and passion for literature, love for the land of olive groves and liquid gold.

Oliverso was born at the first oil fair in Linares (Jaén), 2018 Lola Fontecha (poet) and Lola De Castro, friends since childhood, have the idea of ​​creating a collection where they combine poetry and olive oil, this is where Oliverso was born .

This brand is made up of eight formats of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with the verses of eight Andalusian poets, and the drawings of Francisco Arévalo, a renowned painter in Jaén, his illustrations are emblematic buildings of the city of the Holy Kingdom.

Paying homage to the city where they have shared their first years of life.

An everlasting sea of ​​olive trees, in the light of the moon in our Plaza de Santa María, which, embraced by stars, opens the way to the majesty of our Cathedral. The longing to return to Jaén shudders to feel how he is kissed in the silence that tightens the distance. This causes the birth of OLIVERSO and the memory is written in the form of verses, with the oil that filled the virgin palate with life, just before being born.

The drawings of Francisco Arevalo Badia and the poems of:

Lola fontecha

Paco Velazquez Barroso

Miguel Angel Cañada Castellano

Alicia herrera

Martin Lorenzo Paredes Aparicio

Juan Manuel Villar

Ricardo Carpintero Gonzalez

Juan Delgado Muño

Poetry and chocolates in Virgin Olive oil


Lola Fontecha

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