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Jams and artisan chocolates.

We make premium and high-end artisan jams and chocolates, combining tradition, design and innovation.

Many of our jams contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil, just like our chocolates.

This natural and healthy product can be used for snacks, pastry filling, accompaniment to patés or cheeses, on pancakes, waffles. toast, yogurt ...
Our elaboration is totally handmade and manual, in it no mechanical method intervenes, giving guarantee of its quality. We can incorporate natural aromas such as maple syrup, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, quinoa, sesame, flax, chia, etc.

Fruit jams with extra virgin olive oil

Strawberry jam with rose water, rose petal jam. Other jams:
lavender, violets, mixed flowers, forest fruits, blueberries, strawberries and acai, orange with ginger, apple with cinnamon, apple and cider, lemon and whiskey, plums with cardamom, pink tomato with black garlic, green pepper and red pepper , orange with chocolate, pears with vanilla and many more.

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